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This is a record of family and places from my family tree. Researching my family tree is an ongoing project with lots of brick walls to knock down.

Names included in my family tree are: Allsop(p), Boyes, Crooks, Dobson, Richmond, Wood.

I hope that maybe someone out there is researching the same tree as myself and that we can be of help to each other - so if you recognise anyone/anything please get in touch it would be great to hear from you.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My past

This is the first school photo I had taken when I was 5 years old. 

At Primary School we did not wear a uniform.  I'm wearing a lovely white broderie anglaise short sleeved blouse and a cotton skirt with rabbits on it it had an elasticated waist and straps over the shoulders, I think it was red (my favourite colour ), my sister had a blue one; either that or we both had a red and a blue - I'm not sure, will have to ask her.  How I loved that outfit.

I remember those slides which are in my hair, they were pale pink with little bobbly bits on them.  I had lost my two front teeth when this photo was taken!!

Don't I look so cute with my little kiss curl hanging down onto my forehead?  A lady neighbour of ours always said it was her kiss curl, she was called Mrs Clark - don't people say strange things sometimes?


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, it seems we always remember the strange things people say...

jordiegirl said...

Yes, I always seem to remember odd things!!!!


beautiful photo wonderful memories and great post! thanks for sharing!