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Names included in my family tree are: Allsop(p), Boyes, Crooks, Dobson, Richmond, Wood.

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

I am in Class 9, or Standard 4 as it was called in this photo

This photo was taken in my last year at Primary School so I am between 10 and 11 years old on this, depending on when the photo was taken, I can only estimate as there is no date on the photo.  I'm guessing we haven't yet arrived in summer time as we are still wearing our knee high socks, not ankle socks, on the photo.  In fact I remember the ones I am wearing and they were a fawn colour with a self coloured pattern to them so if I wasn't wearing white ones it definitely wasn't summer.  Not sure why my mam made me where fawn ones!

If you have already looked at my previous photos you should be able to spot where I am on this photo - would love to have some guesses put into the comments box please.  I'll reveal the answer in a week or so.

My outfit on this photo, again something I can remember as if it was yesterday.  It was pink crimplene material with a pleated skirt and a lacy collar.  Oh, my goodness, fawn socks with that pink dress - how awful - definitely should have been wearing white socks.  What a fashion faux pas!

As you can see the hairstyle hasn't really changed.  Mam did not let us have long hair in Primary School in case we caught nits!!!!! 

My first ever boyfriend is on this photo, he's the one second from the right on the back row - handsome eh! He hadn't been at our school long, he only came in that last year when his family moved from another area.  He used to have white mice for pets.  I remember going to his 11th birthday party at his house, I think that was the first time I ever went to a boy's birthday party.  In class we used to pass each other notes up the aisle by rolling up the piece of paper and placing it inside an empty thread bobbin!!!!  Can't remember if we ever got caught!  Naughty girl!

I was always very envious of the girl in the centre of the middle row.  Both her and her sister had long hair down to their waist and wore it in plaits - how I longed for hair like that.

In Primary School we had separate entrances and playgrounds for boys and girls.  Girls in one yard, boys in another.  Most weeks there would be fights/arguments on the girls' playground.  You would be told you had to choose whose side you were on, you had to choose whose gang you wanted to be a member of.  I didn't want to be in a gang, I was so shy and timid but you had to make a choice.  Usually the gang leaders were the girl in the front row 5th from the left, the girl in the front row 6th from the right and the girl in the middle row 5th from the right.  This gang business didn't carry on outside school, it was just something that happened at playtimes when someone fell out with someone else and you wouldn't speak to the people in the other gang.

We played all sorts of games in the playground.  Skipping, two bally, uddy cuddy, chain tuggy, leap frog, the big ship sails, in and out the dusty bluebells, oranges and lemons, the farmer wants a wife, ring a ring of roses.  School never supplied any toys for playtimes, if we wanted to skip or do two bally we had to take our own to school. 

Those were the days.

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