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This is a record of family and places from my family tree. Researching my family tree is an ongoing project with lots of brick walls to knock down.

Names included in my family tree are: Allsop(p), Boyes, Crooks, Dobson, Richmond, Wood.

I hope that maybe someone out there is researching the same tree as myself and that we can be of help to each other - so if you recognise anyone/anything please get in touch it would be great to hear from you.

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Saturday, 11 July 2009

My great grandfather James Allsop's headstone in the churchyard at Kirby Knowle

These are photos of my paternal great grandfather's headstone in the tranquil countryside of North Yorkshire, Kirby Knowle to be exact.

My favourite tree is the Monkey Puzzle tree and his grave is very near to one of those - coincidence? not sure because I also remember going to my maternal great grandparents' and grandparents' grave in Gateshead and passing a monkey puzzle tree there too.

The 2nd photo shows my son at his great great grandfather's grave, and the 3rd photo is my sister and me at our great grandfather's grave.

The other photos show you the headstone before and after cleaning and grass cutting.

RIP great grandad xxx


Lila Leeds said...

What a great idea for a blog - I'm inspired! I'm a 4th generation Australian, but most of my forbears are from the UK. I love family history - I'm definitely going think about a new blog - thanks.

jordiegirl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Lila and thanks so much for your comment.

I think it's good to share what I know of my family history and it may help me learn more as there may be someone out there connected to my family in some way.

It was great being able to go to my great grandfather's grave and clean up the headstone and also spend some time in the area where he lived and worked. I felt really at home there in North Yorkshire although I never lived there myself, I'm originally from Gateshead, over the Tyne from Newcastle upon Tyne, then from 18 months old I moved to Northumberland.

Do call again.


am just coming across your blog and have really enjoyed meandering through your family photos - i've recently begun in depth genealogy and have even more recently begun a blog on my findings - it's "the yaya tree" should you care to visit sometime - anyway, just wanted to say hello - neat blog! jenean

jordiegirl said...

Thanks gypsywoman I will certainly wander over to your blog.

I have done a lot of research on my family tree and took a family holiday in Yorkshire a couple of years ago especially to take photographs of places my family lived and to look around the churchyards for family graves and information.

I will post more photos on here when I get the time.


hey lady - i was just in the neighborhood and thought i would drop by to see if anything new at your place - have a wonderful day!

Unstoppable Spirit said...

It was nice of you to visit and follow my blog. Thank you and I hope to see you again. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking this blog!!!


just dropping by again - you're very luck to live near your ancestor's homes! have a great weekend!

jordiegirl said...

Thanks for all the comments folks.

Sorry I haven't put any more on this blog because I've got rather 'blogged' down with my other blog. I will try to post more photos and info on my ancestors but if it isn't on here then I have posted to my main blog, but will try to remember to state that over here. So do check out all three blogs please.

I have a lot of photos of cards to post too as I have just finished making over 100 christmas cards this week (didn't make every one this week, but did do the majority of them - thank heavens for half term holidays.) Hubby now attempting to sell them for me he's my 'Sales Rep' lol.